• Client: INVEDARS
    Client Point Person: Alberto Cano
    Illustration & Character Design: Lei Melendres
    Game Information:
    Current Latest Version: 2.1
    Size: 137 MB
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Developer: Soylent Bits SL
    © 2012 Soylent Bits SL

    This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
    Download the game: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/hidden-doodles/id575842548?mt=8
  • This project contains all the illustration related parts of the game.
  • To improve the game interface, they decided to replace the game mode buttons with artworks 
  • Here are some other buttons that were replace in the game.
  • These rabbit emotions were used to show the result of the games after you have finished or failed to finish it.
  • The Full-page Illustrations
  • Title: Let's Eat
    Concept: The idea was to create the scenario of food inside the stomach interacting with each other with a twist. The font was made to look like ketchup and mustard.
  • Digital Version of Let's Eat.
  • Title: Rise of the Robots
    Concept: The concept for this artwork is basically about robots that are out of control and are definitely creating so much chaos. Robots are meant to obey but based on this artwork, not anymore.
  • Digital Version of Rise of the Robots.
  • Title: Hide & Seek
    Concept: Monsters just enjoying the game of hide and seek in the yard.
  • Digital version of Hide & Seek.
  • Title: Weird
    Concept: For this one, I tried drawing all the weirdest stuff that came to my mind that time.
  • Digital version of Weird.
  • The Monsters
  • Got the design printed on the Graphika Manila 2011 Artbook.
  • Teaser Poster for the Version 2.0 with the new aditional monsters.
  • Final design to be printed on an A1 size poster with all the monsters of Hidden Doodles.
  • New Game Modes
  • The Black Hole
  • Differences Mode
  • Bubbles Mode
  • Game Preview
  • Hidden Doodles v2 with new contents! 
    200 missions, +100 doodles to collect, 3 game modes and more!
  • iPhone/iPad cases, prints and other merchandises available at Society6.com

    iPhone Cases:
  • NOW on IOS7 and SOON on ANDROID!