Hi Neighbor Project

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    Senior Design Thesis
    An awareness campaign addressing the loss of neighborliness and sense of community among apartment dwellers. This project attempts to call attention to basic social protocols that are often undervalued, but are essential in creating a more friendly and welcoming environment. Through a series of various “interventions” in my apartment complex, residents are confronted and made more aware of the social atmosphere in which they live.
  • This floor decal draws attention to our tendency to disengage in awkward spaces like long narrow hallways and elevators. By drawing attention to this tendency in a playful way, the decal serves as a conversation piece, allowing strangers to have a reason to interact.
  • A poster in the residential hallway serves as a reminder of what a neighbor is or what a neighbor could be. It is positioned next to the floor map along with stickers that illustrate the existence of neighbors.
  • A door hanger addresses residents’ willingness to socialize with people who aren’t necessarily in their immediate circle of friends. Upon receiving the hanger, the resident is faced with two options: one side makes it known that they are willing to get to know their neighbors, and it provides a space for residents to write the days and times they are available, as well as a detachable doorstop that can be used to prop their door open during those hours. The other side simply acknowledges the current state of affairs in the apartment complex: that most of us are simply pretending we have no neighbors.