Hi-Fi Lounge Chair

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  • Hi-Fi Lounge Chair
    sapele, aluminum rod, sueded fabric, elastic banding
    I designed this lounge chair for myself to better enjoy long sessions listening to vinyl albums. I built a sapele frame that supports nine aluminum rods surrounded by cylindrical cushions which, in turn, are held in check by elastic banding. The foam cushions are in two diameters and four different densities for optimum comfort. The protruding rear legs offer a convenient perch for my headphones. An ottoman completes the setup.
  • Prototype View 1
  • Prototype View 2
  • Prototype View 4
  • Original MDF Mockup
  • Final MDF Mockup
  • Test Joint
  • Glue Up No. 1 (with slip tenons)
  • Glue Up No. 1
  • Final Glue Up of Chair Base
  • Test Fitting the Seat & Back Components