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  • In a world where the social power of smartphones seems unstoppable, Hi wants to be on the front row of the social battlefield. Therefore they launched a 360 campaign to focus on the social strength of it's services.

    The campaign launched with a striking commercial, where we could see 3 friends posting every (awkward) detail of a wild night out on Facebook, using their smartphones. (Think The Hangover meets advertising)

    We created the concept for an entertaining tool that generated interesting, accurate insights into the Facebook behavior of our target audience. Enter Hi Facebook Facts.

    Within 6 weeks, Hi gained more then 50.000 fans on their Facebook fanpage, becoming the biggest Dutch brand on Facebook. And the number of fans is still growing...

    Note: We, Merlijn and myself, did the concept and early storyboarding on this one. Art direction, design and development has been executed by Red Urban Amsterdam after we moved to Fitzroy.
  • Interesting fact: 95% of the traffic was generated from app-to-wall sharing.
  • The TV commercial (credits: FHV BBDO)
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