HfG Karlsruhe Leitsystem

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  • The HfG Karlsruhe is housed in a former munition factory and is therefore protected as a historic building. The new orientation system consists of three components; door signs, directional signs, and orientation signs. Anodized aluminum door signs wrap around door frames without any mounting hardware. These signs have room numbers silk-screened directly on the metal. Directional signs feature large numerals that are easy to read from a distance, even in dim light. A modular system of orientation signage is mounted without screws on technical rooms at all exits. Information is permanent with the exception of a personnel register, which is refreshed every semester. Giant numerals and larger signs with more details indicate the current floor. 
  • Published in Left, Right, Up, Down by Gestalten | 2010
    Published in PingPongProject by Severin Wucher | 2009
    Pininfarina Förderpreis | 2007ZKM Förderpreis Nomination | 2007

    Designer: Sahar Ahroni, Johanna Bork, Patrizia Kommerell, Felix Vorreiter (Silvan Horbert joined the team until the first round of the competition)
    Mentor: Prof. Tania Prill