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An optical illusion installation based on the quote "Fame is the optical illusion of society".
In today’s society, celebrity fame is overrated. Fame can be a double-edged sword, but more often than not, the society tends to ignore the negative effects and put the attention on the positive side. 

Hence, fame is the optical illusion of society.

Utilizing the art of optical illusion, Heyday/Mayday is a comment on society being conditioned to worship fame so much so that it has become an illusion that fame is nothing but money, high society status and the best thing in this world.  The “Mayday” metaphor is using natural disasters to represent the torment that these celebrities faced. And the “Heyday” is the fame of the celebrity - the heyday of a celebrity.

Is it the heyday of a celebrity? Or a dire mayday call for help?
The technique of optical illusion use in Heyday/Mayday is called ambiguous imagery - or - multistable perception. The famous figures are hidden within each natural disaster.
Kurt Cobain + Tsunami
Michael Jackson + Volcano Eruption
Marilyn Monroe + Tornado
The layering of paper and the framing represents how celebrities are often putting up different layers of facade to the audience, their lives are framed up for the public akin to an image in a photo frame.
The installation also plays an interactive role by using "reverspective" optical illusion (the effect can be viewed via the video above) and the usage of QR codes.
Viewers can utilize their smartphones with QR code scanner apps to read the codes at the end of the “tunnels” to get brief information on the hidden celebrities in the ambiguous images.