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Hey! We are a team of professional photographers and visual artists fond of brewing and baking, so we started a photography-based café beside our studio.

In our cozy coffee shop, there is a main open space where conversations happen and laughs burst; there are also corners where ideas can be fostered in quietness. On the walls are the photographs of each exhibition that alter every season. Here, we make coffee, tea, and caffeine-free drinks, and we also bake home-made cakes as well as Belgium/waffles. What's more, we have "Leica" a dachshund in our waiting staff~!

We think a coffee shop connotes a warm environment that fuels creativity by sharing. Therefore, we not only provide light refreshments at Hey!Cheese café but share what inspires us here.
▲ 咖啡店外觀 The exterior of Hey!Cheese café
▲ 咖啡店內部 The interior of Hey!Cheese café
▲ 我們的咖啡店小腸,徠卡! One of our waiting staff, "Leica" the dachshund!
▲ 客製化的訂位小黑板 Customized reservation boards
▲ 你可以在這裡找到許多和攝影有關的小收藏。
     Here you can find a good number of little collections of cameras and photography stuff.
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