• HEXIA From Home.
    A new Product Service System developed for FAGOR HOMETEK 2011.
  • Fagor Hexia is an interactive kitchen table which provides a complete shopping and nutrition service device. From it, you can manage your shoppings from home, saving a precious time to dedicate it to other atractive activities like prepare your favorite recipes.
  • Fagor HEXIA Modes.
  • HEXIA´s Shopping Management Software
    Interactive, Intuitive and gestural
  • Software Interface Demonstration
  • 1:1 Scale Model Developed for the public presentation of HEXIA,
    and its Software´s advantages in Mondragon University .
  • A project developed by:
    L.Mutio, E.Fernandez, J.Anakabe, E.Madariaga, O.Santamaria

    Project carried out in the first course of the
     Master in Design of Strategic Product and Associated Service of Mondragon University,
    for FAGOR HOMETEK (2011)

    All rights reserved.