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Self promotional project
Hexalogue aims to bring together six essential values a graphic designer should be driven by nowadays. Designed as a self-promotional collection of posters, Hexalogue is composed by three concepts that should trigger and challenge a designer. Each of them corresponds to a complementary idea, thought for introspection and self-analysis.
These six keys are illustrated as a series of geometric symbols in two complementary colours, in order to integrate the strength of the three encougaring concepts and the instrospective nature of the three complementary ideas.
Innovation / sustainability
It is mandatory for the designer to be aware of the changes the world and its societies are going through and to design accordingly, suggesting innovative and relevant solutions that flow with the latest technological developments. In contrast, the designer must always be sensitive to the impact the industry will have globally and should impose sustainability as an essential key in the daily practice.
Hunger / humility
The designer must constantly be ravenous for knowledge and premanently look for inspiration, especially, outside design. He should always feel the need to grow, to become better and more creative and never feel satisfied, while carrying out work with humillity.
Experimentation / responsibility
The designer must constantly challenge and risk in order to generate innovative design solutions. He must never get used to a single working strategy and always explore new ways to solve the problem. In contrast, the designer must remember that the target audience's needs always come first. He must constantly review how society reacts to the work that is produced and aim to improve the way to serve people.