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This is a project we did for school. The challenge was to create an interactive calendar.
Herbal Almanac
This is an almanac which helps you grow herbs in your own kitchen. You get a wooden box and in the inside you'll find 12 little pots filled with earth and seeds. There are magnets added on the pots, so you can stick them on your fridge or anywhere else you like. On every pot you'll find the month when you should grow it. But you don't know what herb it is until you grow them!
In addition there is an mobile app to the almanac. It shows what herb it is, how to treat the herb you're growing and its history and other facts about it. There are also four recipe suggestions for each herb.
Below you see the the app. All 12 months are listened and the current month is highlighted. Currently the app is basically in German but it's planned to be translated in English as well.
If you touch the current month, you can see which herb you are growing. From here you can choose between the culture of the herb and cooking recipes.
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