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A new take on the traditional bungalow by Hyde + Hyde Architects
Henson Refurbishment
Southgate - South Wales
Breathing new life into tired bungalow with a new contemporary low carbon retrofit solution.
Hyde + Hyde were approached in the autumn of 2011 by a young family looking to refurbish and update a recently acquired property with the intention of creating a long term family home with a limited budget.
The home will be retrofitted with PV’s to the front roof. The external envelope will be highly insulated and a whole house underfloor heating system will be installed. Reducing significantly the clients heating and electricity bills, not to mention the overall reduction in the homes CO² emissions.
Master bedroom at first floor and the eternal desire for connections with nature at ground
Within the microcosm of the site we have attempted to open up the house to engage with light and nature. A strong visual connection with these primal elements will significantly enhance the internal atmosphere of the home and increase the sense of well being.
The original bungalow.
Master bedroom window detail.

More information on the ideas behind this project can be found in the following post in our blog section. The project is currently on site with completion expected in September 2012.