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  • SPK: Italians have always loved food and lthey ove to eat together. That's why we adore festivals!
    But, after those, who wash the dishes?
    For the launch of the new Nelsen white vinegar and lavender, Nelsen presents:
    your dishes, the challenge to those who washes dishes, faster.
    We had to prove to everyone that wash dishes can be fun. And if you combine food and fun competition, you're done.
    We distributed 50,000 guides with a list of festivals sponsored by Nelsen and invited people to participate in the game: gloves, sponge, a little Nelsen and on with washing!
    All played: boys, men, women, without exception. Challenges single or in pairs. And at the end of each runs we gave all participants the new Nelsen White vinegar and lavender.

    170000 dishes washed during the game
    5000 participants in the challenge
    56,000 people who have discovered the new Nelsen white vinegar and lavender

    Deployment goals achieved one month in advance
    4 months in volumes and sales have exceeded 52% of the forecast
    Nelsen white vinegar and lavender has doubled its market share compared to the one replaced
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