• Hendrix
    Don't let your neighbours ruin the song
  • Objective:
    to encourage audience to rehearse and record songs in Hendrix Studio rather than at home.

    the noise during rehearsals at home annoys neighbours who often start to express their disapproval. As a result creative music may end in a scandal.


    specially designed postcards with holes demonstrate how rude words offurious neighbour literally break through the wall and forced themselves into the rehearsed song distorting its lyrics.

    Performance criteria:

    eye-catching execution of familiar to youngsters situation should trigger call for Hendrix studio.
  • Credits:
    creative director: Michael Elagin
    strategic consultant: Alexander Mozhaev
    author: Dmitry Chigirin
    copywriter: Dmitry Chigirin
    art director: Tasha Belyaeva
    agency: Twiga Touch