Helvetica in NYC Subway System

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  • Helvetica in NYC Subway System
  • Micro/Macro is a course project where we had to come up with a theme for a mutipage publication that included
    two parallel texts (a macro/major concept, and a micro/supportive) concept). This is my interpretation of an expressive and narrative design of where two texts are typographically distinct yet interrelated. Pushing creative boundaries I created this dos-a-dos leporello. For macro, I decided to explore the typography of the New York subway system, Helvetica. And for the micro concept, as we figurativelt and literally, traveled through the subway system, in two different directions, we approached Yankee Stadium, and Shea Stadium. At the end of both destinations information about the design of the Yankees and the Mets baseball teams are introduced. Giving tribute to The New York Times, I layed it out in newspaper format, seeing as how the newspaper is quite often the reading material of choice while riding the subway system.