Helvetica Character Booklet

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  • For this project, I had to create a booklet filled with compositions made using only the letter "a" of the Helvetica family. During the design process I accidentally created something that looked like a character, so it gave me an idea. I chose to develop my booklet into a character book.
    I created compositions that resembled things like: ballet dancers, elephants, monkeys and Gods. The interesting thing about this project is that different people, with different backgrounds or ways of thinking, see different characters in my compositions. 
  • photo by: Eduardo Mendoza
  • Design Process
  • Booklet Spreads
  • The next step was to apply our compositions into a product. I love sketchbooks so I decided to create a couple for myself. This designs were inspired by a quote by one of my favorite philosophers, Alan Watts:
    "God is what nobody admits to being, and everybody really is." - Alan Watts
  • Sketchbook Cover Designs
  • photo by: Eduardo Mendoza