Helsinki Design Lab

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  • "We believe that the scale and complexity of todays challenges are more effectively addressed when design is a leading voice coordinating many, rather than a service applied to pre-defined problems. With a specialized ability to bring synthesis to complex problems, to work from conception to implementation, and to visualize complex relationships, the strategic designer plays a lead role in addressing the issues faced by contemporary society. Helsinki Design Lab (HDL), a project initiated by Sitra The Finnish Innovation Fund fosters state-of-the-art knowledge, capability, and achievement in the area of strategic design in order to improve global supply of this essential 21st century problem solving skill."

    The driving idea of the visual identity is drawn from the space occupied by the strategic framework of the HDL, which draws together a diverse group of actors and entities from various fields. These actors, each one a specialist in his field, contributes a unique point of view within a group that can offer a more holistic definition of the problem, thereby creating the opportunity for a more effective range of solutions. The Strategic Designer acts as an enzyme, coordinating the process.

    Client: Sitra
    Year: 2010

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