Hell's Gate Brewing

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  • Packaging
    Girvin worked with the brand leadership team, as well as brand management, to coordinate all the packaging design evolutions from an existing product offering to a completely refreshed branded, can solution program — cans, six packs and shippers.
    The product is value-based, yet positioned on the higher end of this purchase relationship. Working closely with the sales team, testing various shelf modeling for internal review of impact and market presentation.
    Girvin's strategy offered the concept of rewriting the product stance, descriptions, the creation of a iconic badge of locality and neighbored ownership. Girvin created all of the illustrative materials in association with the brand development and evolution, capturing the rugged power of the Hell's Gate gorge.
  • Interactive
    Hell's Gate is an actual place, a raging river portal, in British Columbia, a province of Canada. Girvin's strategy has been to link place and the emotional state of adventuring and the outdoors to the product offering. While this is a value based beer, its taste has rated exceptionally high in taste testing and as a result, a more powerful evolution of brand presence was considered. Girvin built the packaging solutions for two brew types, then created a campaign theming to extend the brand story into a more comprehensive expression of the personality and community development strategies, as well as the bridging to extant social networking and mobile app locations.
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    The spirit of Hell's Gate relates to a Girvin brand interpretation to build on the spirit of outdoor adventuring, as well as the genetic BrandCode© that our teams built in the evolution of the project. Girvin coordinated the development of the strategy of the campaign, all copywriting, graphics programs, implementing tactical solutions for merchandising, opening marketing and sales materials, as well as truck graphics applications.