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Hell Pizza Day Of The Dead Full Promotion. Illustration by Gina Kiel.
Here at Inject, the Day of the Dead has always appealed to our design senses. With it's vibrant colours, skulls and bespoke mexican charm. We've got scrap books bursting from years of hoarding, so we were ecstatic when our concept pitch to Hell resulted in the birth of a new promotion!
It was essential that this wasn't simply a replication of the festival, but instead a re-appropriation to suit the Hell brand. We took this opportunity to infuse a burst of colour into the underworld. With custom Packaging, Copywriting, Illustration, Flyers, Posters, Decorations, a new Web-Skin, it's fair to say that Día de los Muertos has arrived in Hell.
"Inject Design is a class act. This is why Harry & the Inject team have been with us for over 8 years. They go the extra mile to get to know their clients wants and needs. Their attention to the detail is second to none; they are true artists of their craft." Jason Buckley, Marketing Manager - Hell