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    Client: Helene Venge
    Date: 2010
    Assignment: Identity
  • Helene Venge is an independant management consultant, specializing in marketing excellence and performance.

    Helene Venge comes form a varied background in amrketing and business development, and has a broad experience from a range of international corporations. Her consulting services covers a range of different areas and competences, dificult to sum up and describe in one single tagline.

    So instead of creating a typical corporate identity, based on a simple logotype and supporting tagline, the identity for Helene Venge is formed on switching the place and significance of the two elements. The identity introduces a series of taglines, each describing different aspects of the services offered – bringing attention to the professionalism and areas of expertise, rather than just presenting the company name.

    The identity is implemented on a series of business cards, each featuring a different tagline. The company name is only shown as a discrete sign off, as a guarantor of the services offered.