• Application of Technology

    An electrical field, when applied radially to a wound, starts and accelerates healing. We figured that a great way to apply this technology is to help diabetic patients speed up the closure of their chronically unhealing sores (which would otherwise lead to limb amputation). HealFast brings this technology to people in the compact form of a bandage that accelerates wound-healing.
  • Functioning principle: Repair cells are accelerated along electric current direction
  • Patient ‘needs’ map
  • Total Product Experience

    The experience of using a bandage is not just about its medical effects. It starts the moment you see it and handle its packaging, all the way till you peel it off for disposal. Unapproachable aesthetics or minor inconveniences are sometimes sufficient to discourage a patient from using it as frequently as he needs to.

    To encourage compliance to daily wound care, Healfast is designed to look positive, comforting and friendly, and to be easy and intuitive, even for one-handed use - especially for the less dexterous, arthritic fingers often associated with diabetes.
  • Using familiar analogies, Healfast’s form speaks with comforting clarity about the way to use it