Hasan Noor

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  • Hasan Noor
    Classic Square Kufi Font

  • Hasan Noor is an Arabicdisplay typeface. It is useful for titles and graphic projects. The font isbased on the simple lines of Square Kufi calligraphy.
    In 2008, Hasan Noor was upgraded to theDecoType font format for use in WinSoft Tasmeem, by working with Mirjam Somers an award-winning Arabic typedesigner. Tasmeem is a user interface based on the Arabic Calligraphic Engine(ACE) technology which has won the prestigious Dr. Peter Karow Award.
    HasanNoor is the basic Arabic version which supports Arabic, Persian and Urdulanguages.

  • Hasan Noor, Designed by: Hasan Abu Afash