Harry Ted - The Finest Mongolian Cashmere Accessories

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    Harry Ted

    Brand Identity and Website

    The Brief
    Create a brand identity for Harry Ted, suppliers of 100% Mongolian Cashmere accessories. The identity must feel ultra luxurious, and be accessible to the trendy yummy mummy crowd. The brand should also differentiate from the mass of other cashmere retailers.

    The Solution
    A single yarn of Harry Ted Mongolian cashmere tells a story of it’s origins, it’s unique properties, it’s mystique. There’s a little bit of Mongolian magic in every thread.

    To convey this idea, a visual language was created that weaves through all applications of the brand – a magical thread of Mongolian cashmere that twists and turns to create images associated with it’s motherland.

    A bespoke website was custom built to meet the requirements of the client. User experience was placed very much at the heart of the online store, where customers can easily buy Harry Ted’s wonderful products. The client will be launching the site later in 2012.