Harry Potter cartoon's characters

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    At the early stage of this project, I struggled for a while to establish the style for this project. I intend to achieve a stylised cartoon using basic graphic shape. The problem I found was some of my drawing's having wobbly shape and not simple enough. I tried to present the character personalities and simplised their appearances with basic geometric shapes.
  • They look too young
  • Final design of Harry Potter
    With or without outline
    At first, I drew my characters with thick black outline. The outline could make my character stand out from the background. However, I decided to drop out the outline when the project went on at some point because I thought the character look more appealing without the outline.
  • Hagrid with and without outline
  • The Hungarian Horntail dragon with and without outline.
    Here are some of my character design I did in this project
  • Hermione/ Harry / Ron
  • The Four contestants in Tri Wizard Tournament.
  • Fluer Delacour
  • Lord Voldermort's transformation
  • Lord Voldermort's regianed his power
  • Death Eaters
  • Death Eaters Army

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