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Title image for a video clip.
Title image
I was asked to make the title image for a video clip. It's a song called 'Harlekijn' (Dutch for 'Harlequin' in this case meaning 'clown') from artists MP ft. BillyusuF and Roeli Vuitton from the Rotterdam label Rottz.
The clip is shot and edited by Rachid Pardo from 'Anders Vision'.
Stills from the video....
I planned to use cliches with this project.
I started by using the Rosewood type. This is a typical typeface for a circus. I used the overall design in another type and made a few adjustments.
The next cliche I wanted to use was the mask a Harlequin used to wear.
Combine these two and you have a strong basis.
The song is mellow and has a uplifting tone to it, so I also tried a lighter color scheme
To give some depth, I partially filled the background with Rotterdam scenery. I also used straight geometrical lines to give it a modern look and bring contrast to the ornaments.