Hardening the Steel 
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“All Stars” boxing gym

Coach helps young boxer to wrap his arms the right way with the elastic band. It is one of the most important routines before training or fight and it is requires precision. Only a correctly wrapped hand is safe from bad harm.
Young coach Amid (24 years) with no additional payment helps to train one of the children groups every Tuesday and Thursday. During other weekdays he exercises in gym on his own. He is a repeated junior champion.
Children in this gym start their training during their pre-school years, usually brought by their parents. They appreciate this first as an after school activity, then the love for the boxing training itself follows.
Coach is saying a motivational speech. Boxing for the children is not just sport, it’s an adventure, nurturing of manhood, even boast in front of their friends. Right motivation is essential in an upbringing the good boxer from his young days.
Mr. Isola Akay (76 years) is the gym ideological leader and the idol for everyone training here. Mr. Isola Akay came to United Kingdom from Ghana as a boxing champion. Even though he is already 10 years past his retirement age and could enjoy well-earned calm life as pensioner, Mr. Akay is in gym every day. He is proud of a long list of awards for his social support of the young people and community but his most important has happened just couple of years ago. He gained MBE (Member of the most Excellent order of the British Empire) title and was awarded by the Queen Elizabeth II herself.
Current light welterweight division champion Ashley “Tresure” Theoprane (31 year) is resting in the corner of the ring during the pause before his further practicing fight.
Young boxer Jaweh (15 years) is resting after his competition fight. Jaweh just won the fight in his category during London Mayors Cup 2011. Coach is drawing a prosperous future for this young fighter if he keeps practicing boxing.
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