Happy Wedding

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  • This is one of my projects on photography field. It's an honor to take some 'happily' pictures of them, especially for Alfonso and Febyani.

    I took all of this photos from early morning until midnight, from make up, holy matrimony and the last for their wedding reception.

    "Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one."
  • The Wedding Invitation, The Cute-Couple Wedding Bear and Notes for the guest.
    I found it on the bride's room, how cute the bear!
  • The bride just go out from the car and gives us the best of her smile
  • They will be together and start in a new journey of life
  • In the Holy Matrimony
  • They're listening to the message which given by the pastor
  • The Wedding Ring, in the Holy Matrimony
  • He kiss his wife to show how much he loves her.
  • You'll see this photos and stuffs when you walk into the hall,
    it will tell you about their love and life.
  • Guest Book
  • The Wedding Cake and they walked together and
    ready to start a new journey, new life and new goal
  • The Wedding Cake and The Wedding Kiss