Hansel-Gretel picture book

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  • Hi everyone, This book is our first book in fairy tales project with Baibuk Group. 
    Two kids with candy house, yes, ofcourse that is "Hansel and Gretel" story
    It took less than a month for me and ShiShi working on this,
    must be less since i was working on other projects.
     But, turn out i love this story a lot,
    something new yet in a tradition story.
    I look forward to see the book popup with AR tech
    (popup, you can see the video of other books at the end of the post)
    So, let 's begin!
  • -------------------------
  • This sketches set up all the scenes and character's portrait,
    Thought about it, the whole story's visual already  deceided with this.
  • -------------------------
  • Follow the story and the suggest from Baibuk guy,
    i did the storyboard for each and every pages
    (like usual ;)) 
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • After that  is the easy part, open photoshop and hit "colored all" button.

    jusk kidding,
    Shi shi Nguyen did a great job with seperate layers and her unique colors.
    (i myself don't know how to mix all that weird tone  *_*")
    Then i tried to made myself userful by adding details and work with characters
  • -------------------------
  • -------------------------
  • -------------------------
  • (This one is my favourite in this story)
  • -------------------------
  • (especially love this one, too)
  • (ew, she must be the witch, she look crazy )
  • -------------------------
  • it look better in a circle, ha ha
  • -------------------------
  • And finally the result.
    Sweet project.
    I look forward to the next traidition fairytales with Baibuk Group
  • This is how Baibuk's AR tech look like,
     follow BaiBuk page to see upcoming project.
    Hansel- Gretel will standing with 3D scene!

    Thank a lot for reading and watching,
    Have fun and see you soon.

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