Hang Over

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  • HANG OVER - Danny Eastwood
  • Maud (Branding, Design and awesomeness) was invited by Design Kids' to be part of their Terrible Two's exhibition. The show, much like The Design Kids' ethos, was all about closing the gap between emerging artists/designers and established studios/individuals.

    The line up also included some other very talented Sydney based studios and creatives, such as Toko, Vince Frost, Mark Gowing, Gemma O'Brien, Benjamin Hennessy, Monogram, Naughtyfish, Toben, Bianca Chang, Saatchi, Eskimo and Toby + Pete.

    Celebrating the number two, the "theme" was compound words - words that when separated mean one thing and when put together mean something else. The two designers (one emerging, one established) were given one half of a compound word each to respond to - such as 'end' and 'less'.

    Maud was paired with emerging studio Nowhere Famous and went with the Hang in Hang/Over.

    Maud then collaborated with Danny Eastwood to produce their half as a photographic piece.

  • Once the other half of the final image was created they were¬† combined and sealed behind 30mm of perspex.

    Below is the lovechild of their efforts.
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