• Handmade fonts.
  • Handmadefont is an incredible project that features a vast range of typographic designs. Entire font sets are created using a wide range of mediums and materials, resulting in typefaces and lettering that are totally original.
  • Let your Japanese spirit out!
    This font is made of copper- the Copper origami. We hired a Japanese guy and it took him 24 seconds to make all the letters. Damn, he was fast! But we got a beautiful font that is simple and suitable for all blacksmiths round the world to promote their doings.
  • Sorry,I'm busy being cool and colorful!
    This font will blow your mind!All those blod colors! Very abstract, stylish and hip with different shapes of triangles collected all together the Color boom font is made for courageous people. It is gritty and daring with the touch of math subject.
  • You might have caught a fish!
    What is that smell? Oh, yes. It's the smell of Fish font here. I did't belive that our boss would catch anything bit he did and yes, we made a font out of it. A very-very real looking font made of fishes to all fish-lovers !
  • Strawberry fields forever!
    A very berry Strawberry font made of wild strawberries. All natural with leaves and different shades of red the Strawberry font is hard to look at because you just want to eat it! This very cute font makes you think about those summerdays at your Granny's place.
  • I know no boundary!
    I brought work home and look what happened! My kid was playing and got those colors all over my work stuff. Being inspired I made a Fun paint font. This font is made with different colors and with letters in paint spatters. You can paint your own colorful and fun story with Fun Paint font!
  • How to spilt wood correctly?
    How to harness your inner-lumberjack and hew some firewood with your own manly hands? You need a maul or ax and wood. Ha! Just kidding. We chopped all the wood for you and made pieces of wood font. Very natural beige wood with darker edges compound into letters.
  • Rocky got stoned.
    Rock optimize font is more than just stones. It is smooth , modern and angular. The color of this font is mostly soft grey but there are shadows caused by angles that mix up the grey with lighter and darker shades. This font could be used to illustrate some movie posters.
  • Wimbledon IS ON!
    All nice and green- the Tennis grass font- made for playin'. Tennis grass font is in perfect grass- green color with tiny shadows made by court enlightenment. It's ideal to promote out-door activities or obviously tennis. I bet this font can beat the Williams sisters!

  • We are very interested in requests for developing new and unique fonts for advertisement campaigns, packing, magazine covers etc. We are always open to any cooperation offers. We work on a various range of commissions across different budgets. Our work has been published among various magazines and journals. We also create different visual communication solutions for a range of clients and industries and our projects involve art direction, branding, stationery, publications, exhibitions, websites, packaging and signage systems.

    We make ideas real through beautifully crafted design.
    We believe good ideas can be applied to anything.