Handcrafted Type: February-March 2011

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  • Roots Canada
    Font development+poster concept
  • These are roman letters I designed after I was inspired to do 2012 poster, however I gave up on that idea and decided to implement them in Roots Canada poster. 

    Will do full coverage on this font (December Heavy Display) in my next post.
  • 2012 in Words

    Inspired by McDonalds and Ford logos.
  • Original idea.
  • Moving the scanned image over to Illustrator and outline the lines.
  • As you can see, I had to adjust each line manually.
  • Print on a crappy paper. The print shop at my school is expensive...
  • Toronto Ukrainian Festival Poster Submission

    *Did it for the contest and did not win. Eh. well, at least it was a good practice.

  • Other posters

    was bored with previous version of the poster and decided to change some things-added patterns.
  • Inspirational poster - 20 Million (20Mil). Did this to help me stay motivated and make the 20 million dollars.
  • Revised version of "2012 in Words" poster, will give more review later.
  • Used Lloyd Serif font that I designed a year ago (amateur font), which is available for free
  • Cheers Everyone!

    Thanks for watching!