Hand-stitched Illustrations

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  • Hand-stitched Illustrations
    Illustrations using stitch and fabric.
  • Sometimes in my work, I like to use stitched illustrations. These are a selection of some of the ones I've done.

    The first illustration below, was for a University project. We had to design a front cover for a magazine called 'Design @ Atrium' (http://www.designatatrium.co.uk) we also had to design a double page spread, which was an interview with ourselves and how we were finding university. As the main interview was about me, I decided to use a stitched illustration of me on the cover, I later added the D@A logo, which I also made out of fabric.

    The second illustration was one I did in my spare time, which was copied from a photo in a magazine. I added the sequins, to make it look a bit more interesting.

    The third and forth photos are from a project I undertook in my foundation year. We had to design something relating to Cardiff market, it could be anything we wanted. I chose to do a brochure for the alterations shop there and as the shop was all about sewing and fabric, I decided to stitch all the illustrations and writing, showing the different services and prices. All the pages of the book were hand-stitched together, with a ribbon to hold the whole book closed. The illustrations are different photos I took while at the market, and I've added fabric to the parts which relate to the services shown on that page.