Halloween Cover for Cricket Magazine

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  • This is the second project from my Children's Illustration class. We had to design an illustration to be used as a wrap-around cover for Cricket Magazine. I had a lot of ideas that seemed good initially, but failed when it came to designing the concept. They just didn't look right on the page. So after two weeks of struggling, I came to class and announced that I was scrapping everything. I changed my idea completely, and on a Sunday afternoon, began sketching a children's Halloween party scene. I spent a Monday doing the transfer, painted it on Tuesday, and had it ready to print by Wednesday morning. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out for as little time I gave myself for the whole thing! 

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  • Sketch on tracing paper. This part took many, many hours of a Sunday to complete.
  • I transfered the sketch onto watercolor paper, soaked it in a warm bath of water to help merge the pencil with the paper, and then mounted it to a board with artist's tape after it was dry. I redefined the drawing, sealed it with fixative, and then warmed up the lines with burnt umber acrylic. 
  • The final illustration.