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    Haiku poems from 'An Anthology of Indian Haiku', a compilation of 35 Indian haiku poets' poetry by Kala, Johannes manjrekar and Maju Kapoor.
  • monsoon cloud
    a herd of water buffalo
    wades into the pond

    sanjay chakravarati
  • only their eyes...
    buffaloes swim through
    the rain swollen river
    angelee deodhar
  • morning peace 
    vanishes with the arrival
    of my newspaper

    vishnu kapoor
  • vacations end
    my small black notebook
    brings home the mountain

    raju samal
  • blurry sonograph...
    she is insecure
    even in the womb

    reshma jain
  • i gather
    one moon after
    into my hands
    the river keeps giving

    r k singh
  • night walk
    i slow down
    near the jasmine bush

    johannes manjrekar
  • sudden rain—
    umbrellas mushroom
    on the street

    gautam nadkarni
  • high noon—
    by the car a girl stand 
    on her shadow

    kalpana r j
  • the crow
    sweeps in like an eagle
    i discover
    i do things
    like my mother

  • emptying my bag
    the pebble makes me
    think of the hill again

    k ramesh
  • country drive—
    the one-legged scarecrow
    heckled by sparrows

    sunil uniyal
  • change

    saturday evening, tried and hungry, I'm eating a puff at
    the roadside tea stall. A young boy comes up to beg, his 
    younger sister in row. one or two rupees, he says. His sister
    says nothing, merely stares at me wide-eyed.

    i have no loose change. Before I can tell the boy so, he pats 
    the pocket of his ragged shorts. I have change, he says half 
    proudly, half smiling. 

    I can change you a tenner, even fifteen rupees.

    evening moon
    i wipe my glasses
    all over again

    johannes manjrekar
  • sharing an umbrella
    your wet left shoulder
    my right one

    angelee deodhar
  • a light breeze
    the moon in the birdbath

    angelee deodhar