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  • <span color:="" rgb(59,="" 59,="" 59);="" "="">Huba & Silica's

    What you get pon di Supermarket?
    Crystal sparkles, luxury
    russian hostess hit the scene!

    A Sabipluslanoire film • Directed by Sebastián Arburola and Sofía Rojas
    Director assistant: Natalia Vargas   
    Huba & Silica: Ernesto Bolaños, Hubert Watson • Produced by Massiva • Coproduced by RKSTR Studios • Art Direction by Ernesto Bolaños & Andrés Carranza • Art Assistant  Maria Fer Carrillo,  2nd Camera by Juan Caliva • Styling by Marco Barquero • Clothing by O Tesi Osorio • Hair by The Cool Hair Band • With talent from Independent Model Management, all models in the info section.

  • Copyright © 2011 Sabi Plus La Noire Productions • Massiva Productions SUPERMARKET EP in stores now.
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