HSV's 125th anniversary (german soccer club)

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    Anniversary Campaign
    "To celebrate Hamburger Sportverein’s 125th anniversary, Mutabor has developed a modern design concept for the brand that is currently being used in all communication about the anniversary.
    The agency has created a dynamic visual modular principle out of eye-catching graphic elements that can be combined in many ways depending on how the principle is used, thus presenting a flexible visual reinterpretation of HSV’s core message: HSV – a tradition-conscious but dynamic club."
    Creative Director: Heinrich Paravicini, Paul Neulinger
    Art Director: Tim Rotermund
    Senior Designer: Ricky Korf
    Junior Designer: Marco Moccia
    Photography: www.rehbeck.de
    post-production: www.piquee.com, www.fxs.cc
    facebook-app programming: www.mwermuth.com