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This concept is about rethinking the ways of our living, staying and spending. This issue focuses on the blurring of too rigid boundaries of our ordinary.  Architecture and urban environment shouldn’t make people to move or think directly following the map. So the most important question is: how can we diffuse the borders of some program and make it more closer and adaptive to our life’s processes?
Now days people become more and more nomadic and search places with unique properties matching their lifestyles. People want to be open and sheltered at the same time. That’s why the main idea of the project is to foreground the dialog between public and private spaces. The house is interpreted as a complex of “islands”, which drifts in the haven or bay. This “islands” are inhabited self-sufficient modules, which can be used as temporary shelter for the rest, communications or just spending free time making fun and even experiments. Depending on human activities and weather conditions the outline and structure of this complex can be changed at every moment creating common or individual spaces.