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In our minds house is usually a shelter. We suppose, that it should save us from “open world”: bad whether, unpleasant people. Every time creating a new idea of house, architects used to think about the walls, windows and doors, floors and roofs. We can imagine it in box or blob, or grid configution, because we usually think about the form and space firstly.  
Music is temporal art, architecture is spatial. Music is live material. It doesn’t need any spatial frames to appear, we feel it with our mind. Architecture used to be a spatial and interactive sculpture, we contact with it through our body to make feelings.
This created concept of house is not a shelter. It is just a trial to make some process of interaction. Swing tree house can be a place for musical meetings or performing, and be a place of different cultural and age integration. Swings try to make people free from gravity and give a feeling of fly. It can be converted to different systems of interaction and used seasonally in various ways.