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Design work for H.O.R.S.E. Basketball app
Splash screen (loading)
Project: H.O.R.S.E. Basketball (App)
Creative Direction / illustration: Harris Megat Hisham
When I was handed this project by my employers at the time, they wanted me to come up with a cool, tough-looking icon / mascot to represent this H.O.R.S.E. Basketball app and to also design the entire look & feel of the game in the same direction.
The main keyword was "Street", therefore the designs were all made to have this aesthetic.
- brick walls with tags / grafitti sprayed over
- rusty metal borders for pop up windows
- grungy looking hoods (ghetto, yo!)
- etc.
Welcom screen (entry)
Home screen
In-game option window
In-game background (full)
In-game background (main frame)
Create game
Warning window "HOLD YOUR HORSES !"
Shot complete
Thought Process
Sketches, early stages of development.
In-game background (1st sketch)
In-game background (2nd stage)
In-game background (3rd stage)
In-game background (3rd stage with minor adjustments)
In-game background, development of perspective #1
In-game background, development of perspective #2
In-game background, almost there.. 
background perspective remains the same, but foreground needed to change
Foreground perpective differs from background but somehow, it works fine
Air HORSE - MAN, pencil
Logo, grafitti on brick wall