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  • #HOPEWEEK is a campaign sponsored by Verizon Wireless in Alabama. The #HOPEWEEK campaign utilizes technology, social media, and the activation of college students to spread the message of Domestic Violence Awareness throughout Alabama. We created a website that would prompt visitors to sign up and support the fight against domestic violence awareness. By doing so, they are also entered to win a FREE Zoom Tablet via Verizon Wireless. The store/campus with the most "signatures" gets a certain amount donated to their Domestic Violence Awareness Philanthropy of choice. Social Media is activated through Facebook and Twitter. Facebook users supporting #HOPEWEEK will change their avatars to the #HOPEWEEK picture and Twitter users will tweet their domestic violence awareness messages followed by the #HOPEWEEK tag. Visitors to the website and various Verizon locations in Alabama will be prompted to "WEAR" the purple ribbon (provided in stores), "SHARE" about Domestic Violence Awareness, and "CARE", by donating their no longer used wireless devices to Verizon's Hopeline Drive. Verizon Wireless's Hopeline Drive provides cell phones to victims of domestic violence.

    I completed this campaign as part of my internship at Big Communications, during the Summer of 2011, under the art direction of Ford Wiles, Aaron Gresham, and Shannon Harris.