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    Branding by BLANQ (www.blanqworld.com)
  • HOME Hotel was created for people to feel cozy, warm and homey. "People" are the core of any interior space, without people there is no need for any kind of home or hotel to exist. From this idea BLANQ created the logo based on the chinese character of people and the letter "H", implying that HOME is created for the PEOPLE, combining chinese culture and western culture. One of the concepts that the hotel wanted to focus on was MIT (Made In Taiwan), so in all the designs we have incorporated Chinese cultural art aspects while still maintaining a modern design. Check out more at www.homehotel.com.tw

    HOME Hotel期望帶給住客的,是如回家一般的溫暖、親切和歸屬感。
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    Concept based on Chinese porcelain design patterns
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