• Hoax - Tarot Cards using the principles of Semiotics.
    By Ketaki Joshi and Shreya Gupta
    We designed a deck of tarot cards in which the core prediction was the same but was delivered a little differently through either text or image. Thus, creating a myth where the querent believes that the information and predictions are paranormal signs about their lives and are 'destined' for them. They start relating details about themselves to the prediction. The cards are based on unconventional words and visuals to create a sense of curiosity. The symbols for each card was created by using the alphabets that spell out the word.
    Tarot reading revolves around the belief that the cards can be used to gain insight into the past, current and possible future situations of the subject. Some believe they are guided by a spiritual force, while others believe the cards help them tap into a collective unconscious or their own brainstorming subconscious. One either picks three cards that represent the past, present or future. Or one may ask a set of questions to each the answer is a card that they have physically chosen out of the deck. We felt that people tend to make meaning and associate things in their life regardless of whether it is true or not.
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