• Furthering on the brand and identity we did for Mark Hoppus and his apparel company Hi My Name is Mark, we were approached to collaborate once again with not only Mark Hoppus but also Cardistry and Magic professors Dan & Dave on a new project for HMNIM. This time on a fully customized playing card deck.
    After nearly a year of planning, designing, and prototyping the deck is now complete and available for purchase at Dan & Dave and HMNIM
  • The tuck case was printed on imported matte paper inside and out using a variety of techniques not normal on your average playing card box. The outside was embossed with a uv coating to create the same kind of shimmer you might see reflecting off the ocean. The nautical map on the inside might not lead you to gold but that didn't stop Dan & Dave from printing it in gold! Additionally, each deck is sealed with a gold foil stamp...and that's only the box!
  • The playing cards were printed by the US Playing Card Co. under Dan & Dave's control for unmatched quality in the industry. Never has a deck handled so well!
  • The court cards (jacks, queens, kings, and aces) were redrawn and offset with a metallic gold ink that glisten in the light. The rest of the cards are no ordinary gem, those too are completely original because when producing a deck for Mark Hoppus, nothing is ordinary.
  • Deck Available for Purchase at Dan & Dave and HMNIM
    All Photos & Video Provided by Dan & Dave
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