• This time we peeked into the Mafia lifestyle, hiding ourselves in the underground bunkers of southern Italy to have a closer look into the places where the mobsters live.
    We came up with a teaser and an opening titles for a 90 minutes documentary produced by Stand By Me, Lion Tv Uk, Fox International and BBC called "MAFIA BUNKER" on air on History Channel and BBC.
    Get a glimpse of our guided tour into this hidden world.
    Let's break the code of silence and share it.
    "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli"
    Art Direction, Concept, Design, Animations:
    Alessandro Durando // Daniele Gavatorta // Lorenzo Levrero
    YEAR: 2012
    TYPE: Teaser, opening titles
    WHAT: Concept, Design, 3D, Art Direction, Animation
    CLIENT: FOX International Channel
    Art Direction: Mauro Zinni, Federico Pascali
    Producer: Rocco Centrella Music: Giulio Del Prato
    © FOX International Channel