HIPSTER Magazine - 4th Issue

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    HIPSTER Magazine is an alternative view of the NEW GENERATION of the surrounding world.
    The Generation ready for changes and progress and able to use the lessons of the past, to
    appraise the present rationally, and ready to step up to future bravely. To be our reader, means
    to be aware of all the interesting trends, to have own opinion; to be in line of modern trends, to
    be looked for, be intellectually developed; to be a part of the dynamical movement forward. To
    be among all people, but to be not like everyone.
    Cover: DJ Ravin (photo by Sarvan Gadirov)
    Initiator and Editor-in-chief: Arzu Huseynova
    Naming and Conception: Samir Huseynov (KOKON Agency)
    Deputy editor-in-chief: Katerina Vasces
    Creative & Art director: Samir Huseynov (KOKON Agency)
    Chief Photographer: Sarvan Gadirov (KOKON Agency)
    Chief Designer: Samir Huseynov (KOKON Agency)
    Technical Designer: Fuad Abbasov
    Illustrator: Boris Mamonov (KOKON Agency)
    Marketing Manager: Venera Hasanova (KOKON Agency)