HIP-HOP inspired vector illustrations

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  • HIP-HOP inspired vector illustrations.
  • I've decided to put all of my rap inspired illustrations in one place.
    Each single one of these was made under a strong influence of a certain track. This is my way to colaborate/thank the artist for recording something that made me move my lazy ass to the desk and start working!
    I belive that hip-hop is a beautifull culture, that connects people regardless of their passions and how they express themselves!
  • Lasio Companija - "D"
  • Demonologia- "Początek Końca"
  • Małpa- "Pozwól mi nie mówić nic" 
  • Jay Z & Kanye West- "No church in the wild"
  • Tusz na rękach & Voskovy - "Pozwól mi nie mówić nic"
  • WSRH- "BDF"
  • Miuosh- "Na zawsze"
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