• Illustration for the HIFI Magazine in Norway

    HI-FI klubben is the biggest chain in scandinavian with high quality sound- and image products like stereos, TV, loud speakers etc.

    Rå Lyd is their magazine that targets the costumers with not only products but more of a experience of good music like concerts and such. This publications theme was the wonderful musician Jarle Bernhoft and Oh Yeah Studio were hired by Gazette (which do the design and layout) to illustrate inside the magazine.

    The concept was playful typography in an otherwise fairly dark layout. With play as the theme we kept it all one color not to break with the magazine's tone and expression. It was important not to make it too naive for the target group even though it was playfull and fun. The type jumps and dances like music does. The project was fun and inspiring as we have designed an entire alphabet of which we visualized as a poster as well. Elements from alphabet was used throughout the magazine.