HEX - Aesthetic Infographic Self Expression Book

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    Aesthetic Info Graphic Self Expression Book

    HEX is a self expression aesthetic info graphics that covers
    a series of collections of geometrical graphic illustrations
    representing a selection of Ancient Greek Nouns.
    The selected Greek words fall more or less within
    the semantic range of the English word “love.”
    Each love terms are to be displayed in tessellation of hexagonal
    graphic form based on self interpretation / personal expression.
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  • philauphilautia | phi•la•u•ti•a

  • erômenê | e•rô•me•nêone’s love (feminine)
  • erômenos | e•rô•me•nosone’s love (masculine)
  • philerastia | phi•le•ras•ti•adevotion to a lover
  • philodêmia | phi•lo•de•i•apopularity

  • himeros | hi•me•ro•slonging