• Hero and The Message
  • "Hero and the Message" is a short animation created for Qatari Al Rayyan Productions.
    It has premiered on Qatar National Day on 18th Dec 2012. It was screened in cinemas, on TV and on several special events in Qatar.

    Concept artists: Damian Bajowski, Marcin Jakubowski, Grzegorz Przybyś, Michał Niewiara
    Additional concepts: Salvador Ramirez Madriz, Artur Gorczyński Maroński Tomasz, Paweł Habryn
    Executive producer: H.E. Salah G. Al Ali
    Producer: Ricardo Ceballos
    Consultant: Abdelmoaz El Aga
    Consultant: Dr. Elham Al Sada
    Consultant: Abdelrahman Al Badi
    Dubbing Director and Consultant: Essam Bou Khalid
    Line producer: Matthew Cummins
    Production: Manager Zeina Kodeih
    Production coordinator: Hasan Al Badran
    Translator/Arabic editor: Tarek Al Ward
    Sound Engineer: Tamer Elzoaiby

    Director: Paweł Borowski
    CG Supervisor: Grzegorz Kukuś
    Animation director: Damian Nenow
    Production manager: Urszula Łuczak, Piotr Prokop
    Development manager: Katarzyna Jarzyna
    Produced by: Jarosław Sawko, Piotr Sikora, Christian Gierycz

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  • Story
  • It's an unforgettable journey for the youngest audience. The story of Mohammad and Lulua, two siblings who travel in time with the help of an ultra high-tech train and manage to get involved in key events of Qatari history.
  • Storyborad
  • Opening sequence
  • Characters
  • Mohammad
  • Lulua
  • Ali
  • Soldiers
  • Locations
  • Doha
  • Children house
  • Desert
  • Lusail
  • Stable
  • Sea
  • Train
  • Final stills