• Hell All In
    Exhibition & performance
  • This exhibition took place on Halloween '10.
    The story is about a member of a dead family that fells in love with a living human.
    He can't see her, because she is dead, but somehow he feels her presence in the abandoned house.

    The performance that happened at 12 o'clock was about their meeting and the magic that happens when he realizes she is really there. A story about two worlds, two parallel universes, about body and soul.
  • Idea & Direction : Petuhi Chavdarova
    Photography: Ventzislav Iliev
    with the participation of:
    Marian Rankov & Yavor Georgiev
    Post - production: Ventzislav Iliev

    Models & Performers
    Stefaniya Georgieva
    Hristo Takov
    Svetoslav Atanasov
    Cvetan Naidenov
    Blagovesta Miteva
    Stela Tomova
    Stenafy Hadjiiska
    Filip Milanov
    Plamena Pencheva
    Kristina Slavcheva
    Alexander Kalinov
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