The HELC (Helpful-Electrical-Low-Tech-Companion) combines a multi power plug, speaker, and a small lamp into one object. It works through its roughness and simplicity like a use- and helpful tool, a kind of living tool. How can the soft and positive character of „housing“ and the usefulness of a simple „tool“ be combined in one object? Which functions provide a tool for living? And how would it look like?
    With this in mind helc is designed deliberately on the idea of low-tech, and simplicity. helc offers six power plugs and a 3.5 mm jack plug for sound input. Furthermore it functions as a small lamp. A hole in the back is for grabbing and carrying the object. The textile cable is stored like on a tool: Just wrap it around the cone, the shape will hold it. Switching on and off the light (LED) is equally simple: Just pull the cable.